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iViu Technologies’ Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs) - Balancing Safety and Revenue in a Post-COVID World
White Paper to Help Balance Safety and Revenue Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to individuals, businesses, and governments unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime.  iViu Technologies Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs) provides facility operators with the intelligence they need to implement a continuous improvement process with respect to facility occupancy and social distancing.

In an effort to “flatten the curve” and slow the person-to-person transmission of the disease, stores, restaurants, offices, schools and government facilities worldwide shut down and “social distancing” – staying at least 6’ from others – quickly became the norm.  As these facilities re-open, retailers, restauranteurs, and office workers ponder what the “new normal” looks like.  What’s needed is not a “new normal” but instead a “smart normal” under which facility operators re-balance policies, staff and the flow of people within their facility in order to generate sufficient revenue and provide excellent customer service while also providing a safe environment for all.  Many jurisdictions also require facilities to create written COVID-19 containment plans and provide compliance reporting.

An In-facility sensor-based occupancy monitoring system, such as iViu Technologies Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs), deploys sensors throughout a facility to detect occupancy trends in various zones/departments in real-time.  Each zone, in essence, is a “store within a store” with its own occupancy limit developed to ensure adequate social distancing within the zone.

The white paper “Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs): Balancing Safety and Revenue in a Post-COVID World” provides a detail overview of iViu’s CAPs system and how these systems segregates and monitors the interior of a facility by “zones”.   It also provides a case study where CAPs was piloted at one location of a popular U.S. “big box” retailer.  It also discusses the robust reporting that not only provides facility management with an audit trail of how the facility is performing against social distancing goals, but also provides useful insights into social distancing trends and feedback on management’s efforts to improve traffic flow and social distancing.

Download this white paper to see how iViu’s in-facility sensor-based occupancy monitoring system, CAPs, provides the most robust and reliable occupancy monitoring information to help a facility manage and achieve its occupancy and social distancing goals.

About iViu Technologies

iViu Technologies has been a leading developer of indoor positioning technologies since 2013, focusing on scalable and real-time positioning solutions. Over 1,200 retail locations around the world rely on iViu’s SaaS services in their most critical decision-making processes. By leveraging our knowledge of indoor positioning, we’ve built a platform for indoor analytics that is easy to deploy, very accurate, and most importantly, real-time.

iViu’s solutions are GDPR and CCPA compliant, which means that they incorporate the highest standards for protecting privacy of staff and guests. The CAPs system only detects mobile device presence and movement, and then reports on real-time occupancy levels. No personally identifiable information is collected or reported.

iViu’s Capacity Alert & Prevention System is a patent-pending platform that monitors zone occupancy and alerts based on configurable thresholds.

iViu’s CAPs and iDPlatform are powered by AWS. Both systems use the same patented Wi-Fi sensors called iDTags and 3rd party devices to detect and collect anonymous data.


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