Capacity Alert & Prevention System


A Social Distancing Monitoring System

Empirical data providing a healthier and safer indoor experience

Social Distancing, it is essential that retailers, government buildings, offices, restaurants hospitals and others implement responsible guidelines regarding social distancing to maintain healthy and safe environments. In order to comply with government and industry regulations, indoor occupancy limits need to be set and actively monitored

iViu Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs)

We have a proven, sensor-based system that automatically monitors and alerts relevant store staff, management and leadership of real-time capacity and social distancing conditions.  

iViu engineers have taken the company’s patented location detection technology and algorithms, layered in alert components and a user interface to detect over crowdedness inside any facility for given parameters.  This innovation creates a proactive way for business owners to monitor and mange to social distance guidelines for people in their premises while maintaining auditable compliance reporting and accountability.

How it Works?

CAPs is a platform that uses location data to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff by monitoring occupancy data with zones throughout the facility and proactively alerting management according to pre-determined social distance guidelines.

The system collects total capacity(counts) in a zone and has configurable thresholds:

  • Warning: Approaching Capacity
  • Caution: High Occupancy
  • Breach: Over Capacity

The Platform will detect as these conditions occur and send alerts in real-time to interested parties (security, store associates, manager, etc.) thus allowing them to take action to maintain a healthy and safe experience.  An audit trail is saved to demonstrated compliance of the guidelines being monitored.

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iViu’s CAPs relies on its patented hardware, firmware and positioning algorithms to provide proactive alerts and audit trails about the occupancy of user defined zones with a facility.  This process assists facility operators to proactively maintain good social distancing practices, promoting healthier and safer environments for staff and visitors.


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