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iViu Technologies’ Capacity Alert & Prevention System enables automated monitoring of capacity limits inside Charter Fitness® locations

CHICAGO, IL, USA, May 14, 2020 / — iViu Technologies is working to help businesses safely reopen and operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for automated solutions to support capacity restrictions placed on the fitness industry as they reopen is urgent. While many businesses have resorted to signs and requesting their patrons to self-distance, others are supplementing with people manually counting entrances and exits of the premises. iViu’s Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs) is an automated solution that is more effective, auditable and less expensive than manual counting.

CAPs monitors and alerts in real-time when capacity limits are about to be reached in a facility, or zones within a facility. These alerts give iViu’s clients advanced warning to ensure the safety of their staff and customers and that government established requirements, industry or internal standards are not exceeded.

“As we evaluated the capacity limits required by the executive orders to reopen our 21 fitness clubs in Illinois and Indiana, we decided that we wanted an automated system to reduce the impact on our staff to manually “count” members as they went in and out of our club, to keep in compliance of those limits.” said, Glenn Gottfried, President of CFit Holding Corp. (Charter Fitness®). “Although we know that everyone has to take part in keeping themselves safe by social distancing, wearing masks, etc., we also realized that the solutions we implemented would have a profound impact on the comfort level of our members, staff and management. Going above the minimum provides that additional comfort and a side benefit is that management now has an ability to locally and “remotely” ensure that we are meeting government requirements.”

Early warnings, reports and audit logs are necessary tools as part of an overall strategy for supporting social distancing. The configurable warning alerts give staff time to react before a zone becomes too populated to support social distancing. CAPs can send alerts to a variety of end points, including texts, emails and even digital displays.

Dave Berg, COO of iViu Technologies says, “Retailers, grocers, malls, offices; basically, every facility, is struggling to find cost effective ways to help ensure the safety of their customers and staff. The ability to monitor occupancy of the facility and specific zones within a facility gives management critical information they need to stay ahead of regulations, capacity issues, staff planning, inventory distribution and floorplan issues. CAPs helps management provide a healthy and safe environment for their staff and visitors, while also helping the bottom line.”

About iViu Technologies

iViu Technologies has been a leading developer of indoor positioning technologies since 2013, focusing on scalable and real-time positioning solutions. Over 1,200 retail locations around the world rely on iViu’s SaaS services in their most critical decision-making processes. By leveraging our knowledge of indoor positioning, we’ve built a platform for indoor analytics that is easy to deploy, very accurate, and most importantly, real-time.

iViu’s solutions are GDPR and CCPA compliant, which means that they incorporate the highest standards for protecting privacy of staff and guests. The CAPs system only detects mobile device presence and movement, and then reports on real-time occupancy levels. No personally identifiable information is collected or reported.

iViu’s Capacity Alert & Prevention System is a patent-pending platform that monitors zone occupancy and alerts based on configurable thresholds.

iViu’s CAPs and iDPlatform are powered by AWS. Both systems use the same patented Wi-Fi sensors called iDTags and 3rd party devices to detect and collect anonymous data.

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